How to Join CafeSMP

How to Join CafeSMP

CafeSMP is a cross-compatible Minecraft SMP Server that has support for Java, Bedrock, Mobile Phones, Nintendo Switch, Playstation and Xbox.

This is the best Minecraft SMP server you can join in November of 2023. This is a unique experience, unlike Lifesteal, we feature custom features that make PvP'ing fun and engaging. At the same time, you can express your creativity and build anything you'd like, land being protected from griefing.

So let's see how you can join!

PC: Minecraft Java Edition

To join our newest SMP Minecraft Server, you need to play on version 1.20.2.
Press on "Multiplayer" -> "Add Server" and input the below information.

Photo of server details on Minecraft: Java Edition

Bedrock Edition: Phones

Press on "Play" and select the "Servers" Tab. Scroll down. Press on "Add Server" and input this information:

Photo of server details on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Bedrock Edition - Consoles

Download the BedrockTogether app on your mobile phone and input the details:

Photo of server details on BedrockTogether

Make sure that your mobile device is on the same internet network as your console. If that is done, press on the green button and look for the server to show up in the "Servers" tab in your console's Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

How to Join CafeSMP